Test it Tuesday: Can $11 product fix rock chips and cracks in windshields?

HOUSTON – Rock chips in your car windshield are just part of driving Houston’s busy freeways, but if you don’t repair them quickly, the chips can crack and spread.

Channelview viewer Maria Pena is testing the Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit. The product was $10.97 at Walmart. It claims to save you time and money by repairing the damage yourself. Drive Houston freeways long enough and it’ll happen.

“I was driving down I-10 East, and I had a trailer in front of me,” explained Pena. “And, of course, a rock came flying out and hit the windshield. It was really loud and of course noticeable right away.”

The small rock chip, also called a bullseye, has lived on Pena’s front windshield for about six months. We asked her to use the Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit to see if it would make the bullseye disappear.

What: Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

Claim: Repair chips and cracks easily, save time and money

Price: $10.97

Test: You have to start with a clean windshield. There are seven steps for repairing chips and bullseyes. The product that actually fills the chip is resin. Rain-X does say you should use the product as soon as possible because dust and dirt can get trapped in those cracks and chips... And the resin won’t work as well if it does.

Results: After about 20 minutes of waiting for the resin to dry and cure, Pena said she thought the product worked. She could see a tiny speck of the remaining bullseye, but the Rain-X directions say you can use the resin again until the crack is completely filled.

Verdict: Pena gave the product two thumbs up.

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