Test it Tuesday: Does this milk-frothing gadget for DIY fancy coffee drinks work?

HOUSTON – The best part of a cappuccino or latte is the foamy milk on top. But the froth takes work and special machines to add air to the milk. On this Test it Tuesday, we tested the Zulay Kitchen Milk Boss that claims it can do the job for just $20.

KPRC 2 viewer Frederick Walters found the device on Amazon for $19.95. He was curious if it worked so he asked us to buy it so he could try it out. Frederick is a self-proclaimed coffee snob.

“I gotta have coffee freshly roasted and I like to have it roasted locally,” he explains.

Frederick likes his coffee straight up black with no milk. But he loves to entertain friends who prefer expresso drinks with steamed milk.

“He likes flat whites,” Frederick explains. “I don’t know how to make flat whites and I don’t have $2,000 to spend on an espresso machine.”

Those machines can be big and take up a lot of counter space.

Does the Milk Boss frothing gadget work?

The Zulay Kitchen Milk Boss claims it can turn ordinary milk into foamy perfection. Frederick tried making a flat white drink, which consists of espresso and microfoam.

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