Houston woman goes viral for unique approach to finding a job

HOUSTON – If you have tried looking for a job lately, you know it can be tough. Brianna Land was laid off from her marketing job in late October. The mother of two started looking for a new position the same way everyone else does: through job listings, networking and sending out her resume and applications electronically with no confirmation anyone was actually received them.

“In the beginning, it was pretty tough sending my resume off into a black hole,” Land said.

Land knew she needed to get the attention of her new boss. Instead of keeping with the pack filling out applications ad nauseam, she decided to turn the tables.

“I think the job search process is really outdated,” explained Land. “I think it really should be a two-way street.”

That’s why she created the website “Now Hiring My New Boss.

The bold website lets you get to know Land and asks potential bosses to “grab a coffee and chat” to learn more. She even lists the job description and qualifications for her dream boss along with a link where you can apply for the job.

Some of her qualifications had us nodding our heads in agreement:

  • “Must have a good sense of humor. We spend too much of our life with our colleagues to not laugh at work once in a while.”
  • “Be located in Houston, Texas or be open to a remote employee.”
  • “You should be a smarty pants in the field of marketing so that I can learn from you.”
  • “Practice servant leadership. I mean it. Please don’t just talk the talk.”
  • “On the topic of talking…you don’t have a need to be the loudest person in the room and you don’t place value on the loudest person in the room. Sometimes the quiet ones have good ideas, too.”

The traffic on her site shot up after a consultant in New York shared it on LinkedIn. Land has received calls from Fitbit for a remote job in Ireland and several others, but she’s been most overwhelmed with the support from complete strangers.

“I’ve gotten hundreds of messages from people who have been encouraging me,” Land said.

Despite the popularity, she’s still looking for the perfect boss.

“Nothing yet, I’m still hiring," Land said.

Go to Nowhiringmynewboss.com if you want to check out Land’s website and even apply to be her boss.