Humble warehouse sells new merchandise at low prices

HOUSTON – Liquidation warehouses are becoming very popular in our area.

These are businesses that buy up merchandise big retailers can't sell. They fill up warehouses with products that are marked down by sometimes 70 percent off. 

Sheffield and Sheffield Liquidation sells everything from chandeliers to toilet paper. The warehouse is at  8717 FM 1960 in Humble.

When KPRC2 stopped by, there were tables of toys and rows of air compressors and tools. The inventory changes daily, but owner Kenneth Sheffield says you'll always find deals. 

"It's a real opportunity to save some money," Sheffield said. 

Sheffield started the business three years ago by buying up stock from stores that they need to get rid of or liquidate. 

"A lot of times the retailers, they have a distribution problem," Sheffield explained. "As you can see, this is brand new, it's still in the package here," he said, holding up a lock set. "Sometimes they have things come in in too much quantity for what they actually ordered and they decide to go ahead and liquidate that off." 

He says everything in the warehouse is at least 40 percent off what you'd pay retail. 

We showed you similar warehouses like Treasurez for Less in north Houston and Caffey Enterprises in South Houston

One big difference at Sheffield and Sheffield is that they have a website with some of their merchandise available to buy online. 

"A lot of the more valuable items, we try to put it on there so people can do their research, see how much money they're saving," said Sheffield.  

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