Brandi Monteverde of KTF Fitness

HOUSTON – KTF stands for "Keeping the Faith." My mom, Becky Evetts, passed away from pancreatic cancer when I was just 22 years old. She would say, "Cancer can take my life, chemo can take my hair, but nothing can take my faith!”" So, her saying keeping the faith became her motivation as she fought for her life. 

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Her heart was broken that I would one day be a motherless mother. We had many talks about raising my future family without her. I know her thoughts, wishes, and regrets as a mother. This has given me the chance to live motherhood in reverse. To experience motherhood with the end in heart. Listening to her perspective has blessed me with a gift among the daily struggles! 

One of the struggles we discussed is how moms put themselves on the back-burner. She said, "Moms never have time for themselves. PROMISE me that you will make that time. Your health is the ultimate gift you can give your children. Fight to be strong and healthy for your family."

So, I said YES to her promise. Fast forward -- I had 3 kids and saw what she was talking about. Moms give all their time away and save very little for themselves. Does being fit make you invincible to disease? NO! But, in honor of my mom, I was going to try. I headed to Iron Sports ninja gym looking for a fun way to workout. Little did I know that my destiny awaited.

It was never MY plan to be a trainer. It was God's plan. I just said yes! Women started asking my advice as I grew to love fitness. This led to me teaching a women's ninja class at Iron Sports, to starting a fitness ministry at my church (MDUMC), onto American Ninja Warrior and beyond. My goal is to train women to love fitness and be the strongest and healthiest they can be. And what did I name my fitness business -- KTF Fitness of course.

I have been on American Ninja Warrior Season 9, and I am awaiting season 10. I was recently on Ninja vs Ninja (formerly Team Ninja Warrior) and it will air in spring. I am very excited about that because BIG moments of motivation are in store.

So, I run the American Ninja Warrior course in honor of my mom. And to provide an image to my children that life is full obstacles. Just keep going, stay focused. You will get knocked down, but fight to get back up and try your hardest. Also, to motivate women and remind them that it's not about having the perfect fitness journey -- it's about enjoying the ride. Being the strongest, healthiest mother is the ultimate gift you can give your children. So, in honor of my mom, I will try my hardest to do just that. 

KEEP THE FAITH and know that you are strong, you are worth the time!

Check out Brandi's 2-Minute Warrior Workout videos on