Questions to ask when getting new roof

HOUSTON – Most homeowners will only have to repair or replace a roof once or twice in a lifetime. Getting things fixed or replaced quickly is often a more pressing concern than trying to figure out what questions to ask the contractor about the products he will use.

Brian Slay sells roofing products to contractors. KPRC Channel 2 News asked him to suggest some questions you might consider asking your roofing contractor. Here is his list of questions:

  • Is the asphalt shingle being used algae resistant?

Our hot, humid climate is the perfect environment for algae to grow on your roof. Algae can darken or leave dark streaks on asphalt shingles. Shingles that contain copper resist algae growth and, according to Slay, should not be much different in price from those that don’t have copper.

“What you do get is an extra 10 or 15 years, and while the shingle is on the roof it looks like the day you bought it," Slay said.

  • What kind of starter strips will be used? 

Slay said some contractors skip the starter strip and instead just cut down a shingle, a method that doesn’t provide as nice a finish.

  • What type of underlayment will be used?