Woman warns of Facebook ad turned scam

If you could make hundreds of dollars a week simply by driving your car to all the places you go anyway, why wouldn't you?

That's the pitch thousands of people saw on Facebook: a chance to make money by putting an ad on their vehicle. Before you bite, consumer expert Amy Davis has a warning that may save you time and trouble.

There is plenty of room on Laura Leal's Buick Rendezvous; real estate she thought she could put to work when she saw an ad on the Katy/ Cypress Area Garage Sale Facebook page.

"I could make $320 a week advertising on my car," Leal told Davis the ad claimed.

Leal sent an email to get more information. Before she knew it, a guy who called himself Richard mailed her a cashier's check for $2450.

He texted instructions separately, telling her to deposit the check into her bank account the same day and then go back the following day to take out everything but her $320 to send to the auto decal expert. 

"I thought that was really weird," Leal said. "How someone would be sending me a check, but I would turn around and pay someone for the wrap."
Instead of going to her bank, Leal called the bank on the check, People's South Bank in Colquitt, Georgia.

By phone, a bank employee confirmed the check was bogus.

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