Spa offers IVs for various benefits

Spa offers drip to cure hangover

HOUSTON – Getting hooked up to an IV is often associated with a hospital or doctor’s office, but a new Houston business is changing that perception with IV therapy.

Thrive Drip Spa offers various IV fluids in a plush spa setting, and employees touted the health benefits of using an IV before you actually need one.

"IV therapy all starts with hydration,” said Gilad Lutfak, director of operations for Thrive. “The majority of people are walking around dehydrated and they don't even know it."

Lutfak explained that one therapy session at the spa equates to drinking 2 gallons of water, and more importantly, absorbing that entire amount directly into the blood stream, where it has the greatest immediate impact.

Lately, Thrive has been attracting a high-profile clientele. Texans players have been spotted getting IVs there, and on one summer day an onslaught of football coaches from Texas Christian University lined up to get their IVs.

"As soon as they hooked me up I just felt relaxed,” said Zarnell Fitch, the defensive line coach at TCU. “I just lay back and it just feels good right now, and I can't wait to see how it feels when I get done."

The facilities look much more like a day spa than a doctor’s office, something that’s consistent with Thrive’s brand as a place to come relax and rejuvenate.

"Everybody loves the place. They really feel like it's a luxury spa feeling, and you know at the end of the day we're here to make people feel better," Lutfak said.

The spa has a lounge to Seat 8, a private VIP room, a cryotherapy chamber and another suite for Botox and other treatments.

Customers can order off a menu, much like they would at a traditional day spa, and can customize their IVs with different vitamins and nutrients. There’s even a drip targeted at curing a hangover.

Lutfak said the health benefits abound.

"(You’ll notice) a lot of energy, increases your mood, your sleeping patterns, skin is better and so forth,” Lutfak said.

Thrive offers monthly membership subscriptions as well as walk-ins for IVs and other services.

Click here to visit Thrive’s website.