Restaurant reports card: multiple employees caught using bare hands to transfer food


HOUSTON – Food service employees have to wear gloves to prevent the spread of illness. It’s part of the health code.

But at Luby’s in the 1700 block of Old Spanish Trail, inspectors found an employee using his bare hands to put sliced lemons on the fish.

More bare-hand contact was caught by inspectors at Pho Dien in the 11000 block of Bellaire.

An employee was seen picking up bean sprouts barehanded.

The restaurant was also reprimanded for black mildew in the ice machine.

A slimy, black residue definitely caught the attention of inspectors at the Kolache Factory in the 10000 block of South Post Oak.

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In fact, it was coating the soda nozzles.

Rodent droppings and rat poison landed the Diana Food Market on Bay Area Boulevard in hot water this week.

Officials found black and brown slime in the ice machine. They also found rodent droppings near the cooler and blocks of rat poison near the same area.

Officials ordered the place to get rid of the rodents and use bait boxes instead of rat poison.

Condemned crepes were the issue at the IHOP on East Crosstimbers.

Inspectors ruled them not safe for human consumption after finding them stored at dangerous temperatures.

And finally this week, more food stored at dangerous temperature levels, this time at China Garden on Leeland Street.

Inspectors found tofu, beef, wonton and pork all too warm to be safe.