This is how to submit your kids’ stories to KPRC 2 Storytime

KPRC 2's Britta Merwin reads during a virtual storytime on March 19, 2020. (KPRC)

HOUSTON – It’s Storytime again at KPRC 2!

But now, it’s your kids’ turn to tell their stories.

As social distancing continues, KPRC 2 wants to continue our story readings, but instead of published stories by established authors, we want to give our community’s kids a chance to be heard.

Parents and guardians -- To submit on your kids’ behalf, submit photos of original hand-drawn and handwritten work in the app below. Selected stories of no more than 500 words will be read on Facebook Live by KPRC 2 anchors and reporters. Only those selected for reading will be contacted by the station.

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