Sunday Conversation - 5 things to know about Christine Noel

New KPRC anchor Christine Noel sits down with Owen Conflenti for Sunday Conversations.

Christine Noël is the newest member of the KPRC 2 news team. She is a dedicated journalist and a passionate storyteller, but there's even more behind this new face of Channel 2. We learned much more about her in our Sunday Conversation. 


  •  She grew up in Michigan and comes from a big family. She has 3 siblings!
  • She is an outdoor enthusiast, with a passion for skiing, hiking, running, swimming and scuba diving.
  • She loves country music (so she'll fit right in in Texas!)
  • The TV show she's watching right now: Billions.
  • If given the choice between "sweet" or "salty" foods, she goes for salty every time. "There is not a pizza that I don't love," she said. 
  • You can follow Christine on her journey as a new Texan. She’s keeping Houstonians informed on KPRC Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

    VIDEO: Full interview of Sunday Conversations with Christine Noel