Houston Rodeo cow wants to be spectator in stands, not part of event

HOUSTON – A cow at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo appeared to want to take in the show from the audience and not participate.

The incident happened Monday morning at NRG Arena, according to Christie Malone, who shared the video on Facebook.

Malone's caption read, "More cow entertainment, this morning!!!??"

More cow entertainment, this morning!!!☺️

Posted by Christie Malone on Monday, March 11, 2019

In the video, a cow can be seen not on the dirt infield, but in the stands about 10 rows up. The cow crosses through one whole row, then stops in the aisle.

The cow enters another row, then stops halfway in.

A video taken from a woman in the stands approaching the cow shows the animal somehow turn to the left in the row, plant its right hoof on a seat in the row in front to turn around 180 degrees and go back to the aisle.

The first video then shows the cow enter the next row.

Someone in the video can be heard saying, "It's OK. We don't bite."

The cow then goes into the same aisle and walks down the stairs.

The animal conquers another short set of stairs to get back onto the dirt infield.

A man is seen securing the gate to block off the stairs.

The comments are priceless.

Mariah wrote, "well looks like the first 3 rows would have been safer. Bahaha."

Ja said, "The cow just wants to see the show that's all."

Brandon wrote, "Axel (Rose) in cow form."

Paula said, "It’s so funny watching it navigate itself back onto the dirt like 'okay I had my fun I’m done now.'"

Janell wrote, "she just wanted popcorn and to watch the rodeo - that’s all lol."

Natalie said, "he’s in the nosebleeds."

Elaine wrote, "'Is this my seat? I thought I had good seats for Zac Brown Band tonight.'"

Karen said, "just gonna sit this one out."

Whitney wrote, "'Houston, we have a problem.'"

The video had more than 5,000 shares on Facebook as of Monday afternoon.