Okurrrrr: Cardi B to bring diversity, unique performance in highly anticipated rodeo debut

HOUSTON – Cardi B may not be known for her family-friendly performances, but she is a big-time entertainer and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo said she was chosen for a lot of reasons.

The award-winning rapper will be taking the stage Friday at the rodeo.

Cardi B is known for her risqué performances, explicit lyrics and unapologetic remarks, but on this Black Heritage Night, president of the rodeo Joel Cowley said she was chosen for what she represents and means to a broad spectrum of fans.

"Houston is the most diverse major city in America,” Cowley said. “We want the lineup to reflect Houston" … and Cardi  B is what the city of Houston wanted.

Cowley said, year after year, artists are chosen by surveying fans, and this year Cardi B was on the top on that list.

“We love it when we mix it up,” Cowley said.  “We know from our survey information when we book a non-country act, we draw a younger audience. We draw a much more diverse audience. And we draw a much higher proportion of people who have never to our event before. We want to engage the entire community and make them a part of what we do.”

But despite the excitement, the big question is will Cardi B keep her performance family friendly?

Cowley says Cardi and her team know it is a family-friendly crowd and have agreed to keep it PG for Friday night’s concert. The rapper has performed on live television before, so Cowley said they know she can keep it clean.

"The nature of her art form, she might very well say or do something, or sing something that might offend," Cowley said. "Parents should be aware of that when they come to the show, but we have communicated this is a family-friendly show. We expect a performance much like we saw on the Grammy’s, SNL and AMAs."

Cardi B's concert sold out faster than George Strait, but there are some tickets available in the resale market.

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