The Eyes of Texas: TheraGOOD's Deeds


HOUSTON – One might deem it tough to see people at their worst on a daily basis, yet Houston police officer Sheldon Theragood gladly surrounds himself by those who need him most.  

You'll find Officer Theragood bright and early, on any given day, walking throughout homeless encampments in the city of Houston.  


"This has truly been the best part of my life," Theragood said. "I mean, I wake up and I'm helping people."

Theragood is an HPD officer assigned to the Homeless Outreach Team. Theragood's primary responsibility is to help the city's homeless get off the street. A challenge. Other obstacles make that challenge even tougher to overcome. 

"Some people have so many situations they've been though for 30-something years [and] here you come thinking you can... change their minds. It takes time,”" Theragood said.

Helping others has become his life's mission, with or without the badge. His ability to connect with people on the job and during his free time makes Theragood, and his story, seemingly too good to be true.  



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