Humble ISD high school students to design tiny homes for homeless veterans in Houston area

Summer Creek, Kingwood Park high school students plan to design, construct homes

HUMBLE, Texas – High school students with the Humble Independent School District have created a service learning project to help homeless veterans, according to the district.

Teens from Summer Creek and Kingwood Park High School are taking the lead in the Students Helping Veterans: Big Heroes, Tiny Homes project. 

The students have designed a micro home and the next phase is to construct tiny homes for homeless veterans in the Houston area. 


“At the end of the day being homeless is a horrible thing, nobody wants to be homeless. If we can do anything in our power to make sure that epidemic is taken away, that’s what this project is all about,” said Blayne Adams a senior at Summer Creek High School. 

The students, along with the help of faculty and staff raised $40,000 to level a piece of land next to the school where they’ll construct the homes. 

“I really want to find a sustainable solution to homelessness. I really want to research how to provide enough housing in a humane but also cost-effective way,” said Sarah Dalby, a senior at Kingwood Park High School. 

Since March the 17-year-old has spent the last several months designing the blueprints for the 200-square foot home and working with an architect to make sure it works. 

“There’s a small bedroom and a small bathroom,” said Dalby, as she explained the 3D model. “One thing I’ve really tried to do is add windows to let in a lot of natural lighting and make the small space feel a little better.”

Assistant principal Allen Segura from Summer Creek High School came up with the idea several months ago. 

"I was on Facebook one night, I couldn't sleep and I got up and saw in KC they were building homes for homeless vets and the thought came, what if kids could do that, students,” said Segura.

Each school has a lead architect and student representatives. District officials said the high school students have presented in front of the city of Humble council members and mayor, and the city of Houston.

The students at each campus will build a model tiny home on their school property by the end of the school year, district officials said.

The student’s goal is to partner with a nonprofit and also raise money to buy land to place the homes. 

If you’re interested in helping, click link here.