Spaulding for Children looks to future as Arms Wide Adoption Services

HOUSTON – As a part of the organization's 40th anniversary celebration, Houston-based Spaulding for Children is rebranding with the new name Arms Wide Adoption Services.

The announcement was made during the organization’s 40 Years of Families Luncheon held Tuesday.

Despite decades of success, the organization felt the Spaulding for Children name didn't make a connection in the community. It felt a more descriptive name would make it easier for prospective families to find the organization.

The organization's long-time mission of fulfilling families will continue with the new name.

The organization said it was looking to convey a "warmer and more accurate description of their mission and focus" with the new name.

[PHOTOS: Arms Wide Adoption Services]

“We are incredibly proud of our 40 years as Spaulding for Children,” said Vikki Finley, president and CEO of Arms Wide Adoption Services. “We have been a witness to so much love and joy while helping these children find their place with incredible families. We are committed to continuing that exact same work and thrilled to do so with a name that clearly expresses and embraces our mission.”

The organization focuses on locating permanent homes for children in foster care, including the ones that are more difficult to place -- such as older children or siblings wishing to be adopted together.

Arms Wide Adoption Services will continue with the same staff and process as Spaulding for Children.

A new logo and website are accompanying the name change.

Company statement about Arms Wide Adoption Services:

Since 1977, Arms Wide Adoption Services, formerly Spaulding for Children, has been expertly and compassionately transforming the lives of children in foster care by finding them safe and nurturing adoptive families. Taking the time to understand the needs of the individual child, find the right family and provide attentive guidance and support through placement and beyond has allowed our organization to successfully place more than 2,100 children in permanent homes. Arms Wide Adoption Services’ warm, personal and honest approach strives to guide children and families in Houston and South Texas through the complex journey of adoption to the celebration of a family fulfilled. Additional information on our organization may be found at www.armswide.org.

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