Heat Wave Coming!

By Frank Billingsley - Chief Meteorologist

So far this summer we've hit 97 degrees three times -- once in June and twice the end of July and that is the hottest! Easy to brag that we've had a cool summer (average right now for highs is 95 and that is as high as our average gets all summer), but that's about to change. Here is why: the big Upper Level High Pressure in the Four Corners states right now is going to be right over us by Friday.

What does that do? High Pressure simply indicates that the air is sinking as opposed to rising. The important aspect there is that sinking air is calm and clear. Rising air is where you get clouds and rain. So with this big area of sinking air over us we'll have lighter winds (no cooling effect) and clear skies (no clouds or rain to cool us off). It's a baker's oven. The Rain Forecast for us the next seven days is next to nothing (maybe we'll get a shower today or tomorrow):

And we've added two more counties in the state to the Burn Ban although I expect we'll see more this week:

Our ten day forecast has hot 98s for the weekend but I'm confident there will be plenty of 99 and 100 degree highs around southeast Texas:

My advice: stay hydrated, light clothing, find air conditioning, and a cool pool never hurts:

Yep, that is one cool pool.....


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