December Squirrel Watch 2013

Headline Goes Here Amy Stonesifer

This little guy has been burying all kinds of stuff in the flower pots.  I didn't ask what kind of stuff and I'm not sure we want to know.    

We are coming to the close of another year and we've received some great squirrel pictures in 2013. I hope you are in the mood, because it's time for Squirrel Watch 2013!

It's a face off! Who do you think would win this fight?
Photo by: Catherine Beebe, Braes Bayou

This picture is hilarious!  Not sure what this little guy is doing.
Photo by: Marie Beall

This little guy wanted a treat on the golf course.
Photo by: Bridget Hawkins-Bennett

This used to be a bird feeder but, with the cold temperatures, this guy moved in and now has a new home.
Photo by: Jason Brockway

Do you see a praying squirrel or an overweight squirrel?  Whether he's thankful or greedy he's got a pretty good set up.
Photo by: Sharon Milasinovich (she named the squirrel Goldie)

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