No 90s November is back!

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HOUSTON – November rarely, if ever, sees the mercury rise into the 90s.

Bush/IAH never has, while Hobby has gotten there for record highs the first three days -- most recently in 2017. So cooler weather is -- finally -- and, almost certainly, here. We can expect highs to range from the upper 70s in the beginning of the month to the upper 60s by the end. Lows knock down from mid 50s to upper 40s.

Cooler temps!

Saying all of that, “warmer than normal” is expected this month along with slightly higher rainfall which averages around three inches, (although I don’t have any rain showing up in the long term models until the week of the 13th!).

CREDIT: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association Climate Prediction Center
CREDIT: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association Climate Prediction Center

Rain will make good sleeping weather, but that won’t be the case this weekend with full sunshine, although we’re about to get less sunshine! Clocks go back one hour on Sunday:

Clocks go back ONE hour Sunday

If you are wondering where the legislation stands on permanently NOT changing our clocks, you can go here, but spoiler alert: no-go for now. As for what is in the sky this month, the middle of November offers the Leonid meteor showers. Look for those the weekend of the 17th!

Mid-month meteors

Toward the end of the month, we have our full “Beaver Moon” named for those largest of rodents who begin to shore up their dams for the winter ahead!

Thanksgiving weekend the full Beaver Moon

As for Thanksgiving itself, we’re early in the game for a prediction, but we’ve seen anything from hot roasters to cold leftovers and, usually, not too wet:

Hot turkey or cold leftovers!

Enjoy the fall weather this week and next!

And early Happy Franksgiving!

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