Our October expectations

Last month's full moon looks more like a Halloween moon! CREDIT: Crystal Crouse of Dickinson, TX

Finally, the tenth month is here with promises of breaking summer’s heat for good! This is why we call it Ahhhh-ctober and it appears the payoff will come later this week. Generally we see temperatures fall from an average high of 87 to 78 as lows are normally in the 60s and 50s!

The temperatures trajectory is toward sweater weather this month!

As you can see above, October can get very cold and very hot. Our forecasted climate averages for temperatures are slightly above normal with rainfall expected to be above average which is generally right at 4 inches.

We will see temps a little above normal
Above Average Rainfall is expected this month

Our October sky promises to be pretty spectacular. First, there is an Annular Eclipse of the Sun across Texas on Saturday morning October 14th. Annular means the moon will “almost” cover the whole sun but not quite, leaving a bright outer ring. For that full effect, you’ll need to be right in the eclipse path which is to our southwest so you might plan a weekend trip to Corpus or San Antonio! Houston will see this:

Houston is not in the direct eclipse path

As for the timing in Houston, the eclipse begins at 10:27 am reaching maximum at 11:58 am and ending at 1:38 pm. Also in the sky, the Draconid meteors peak October 8/9 while on October 20/21 the Orionid meteor shower peaks. The Orionids are a byproduct of Halley’s comet and promise a rate of 20 meteors per hour. The moon’s light should not interfere with either of these! You can read more from Space.com

Speaking of which, our full moon this month happens on Saturday, October 28th. Called the Hunter’s Moon, it’s time to start preparing for that cold hungry winter! While not on Halloween I have a feeling there will be a LOT of Halloween parties that Saturday!

The Full Hunter's Moon

While on the subject of Halloween, the extremes for that holiday are below:

Hot, cold and wet are all possible for Halloween!

This week’s cold front stands more than a ghost of a chance of coming through and cooling us down, so nothing to boo-hoo about! This month does have a Friday the 13th, so here’s wishing you plenty of good luck!!


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