So long, so hot September...

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I suppose it’s fitting that our hottest summer on record was capped by our hottest September on record. Even the seven days of 100+ the beginning of the month set its own record for number of triple-digit days in September. Highs today and tomorrow will be near 96°, so get ready to wave goodbye to these thirty days with a big smile! Enough already.

No changes in sight for the weekend!

Not only did this month set the heat record, but easily topped other years:

Record Hot month by an easy 2°

We should have dropped into the 50s by today at least once! Here are the average dates we fall below 60°....50°....and 40°!

Average dates to get cool!

But alas, the hot trend has been an all year thing. Look at all the record HIGHS in 2023:

Hot and more Hot

And if that weren’t enough, we’ve set far too many records of warm overnight lows!

Records in terms of HOT low temps

There is hope for a cold front next week. Perhaps not as cold as we’d like, but at least dropping some rain and dropping those temperatures to more normal numbers! But for this weekend, we’re still in summer!

Two very different weekends!

Have a comfortable weekend and welcome to October! I hope you’ve had a chance to gaze at our beautiful Harvest Moon! Just like the heat, it will slowly wane away!


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