Deja June!

Last June was hotter than this one

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Once again, for the 16th day, we are under a Heat Alert and the National Weather Service has already advised that they will most likely be issuing more for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Today, it’s a Heat Advisory through 9 p.m.:

Heat Advisories continue

Of course, I’m blaming the weatherman. When I tell most people that LAST June was even hotter, they invariably look a little suspect at me! “Really?” Yep, in fact, last June was our hottest on record with every day from June 7 to June 30 above 96° and, all told, five days hit 100° or higher! This June we’ve hit 100° only three times so far with the mid-90s not settling in until mid-month. Here’s a comparison from Bush/IAH of the two Junes:


And last June truly put Huntsville on the grill. Now, a reminder, the Huntsville airport is right by I-45 and that proximity to concrete may skew the numbers (my theory as to why Huntsville always reports warmer than Conroe). Still, the other H-Town was HOT:

Huntsville was on fire!

In addition to the heat, the rain was scarce last June and we had been in drought since April. At least this year we have had significantly more showers (even though they have unfortunately come with a lot of power outages). Here’s a look:

Barely anything and 6" below normal!
We are below average, but a lot wetter

There are rain chances next week, but I’m also expecting a return of Saharan dust as we enter July. So get ready for that!

More dust heads for us by July 4th

Granted, it’s really hot and dry, but last year was much worse! I’m not sure that makes you feel better, but just like last year, we’ll get through it! Here’s our 10-day forecast:

10 Day has some rain!

Stay hydrated and stay cool!


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