Flower power...the most popular petals in Texas

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Gardening has long been one of the most popular hobbies in the world and I get lots of beautiful flower pics on Click2houston.com/pins! So when a press release crossed my email titled “The Five Most Popular Flowers in Texas,” I thought, duh, bluebonnets.

Nope. Not on the list. Well, Gardening Chores based their findings on how many internet searches were made with the terms “how to grow the flower name” or “where to buy the flower name.” I’m guessing not many of us worry about growing bluebonnets since they pretty much grow themselves -- and who needs to buy them when they are everywhere? Still the Texas top five may interest you!

FIRST PLACE is this light, airy violet flower, lavender:

courtesy Pixabay

Texans searched lavender 5,380 times! And in SECOND place with 4,460 searches:

courtesy Anthony on pexels.com

The solid go-to, the rose. There was no time period provided for the searches, but I imagine February was included!

Rounding out the top three:

From Gardening Chores

If you’d like to read more from this group of soil toilers, the Garden Chores link is here. In the meantime, for when they ARE available, my favorite continues to be:

From Cheryl on click2houston.com/pins

I guess I have a wild side.

Have a good week!


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