Get ready for rain!

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Former KPRC 2 photographer Wally Crow pinned today’s cover picture on Saturday from the Sugar Land area -- this wasn’t a flood but a distracted driver who got his truck stuck (everyone is OK). However, it’s a good reminder that rounds of rain can pile up around here and eventually cause serious flooding, so this is a week to stay very weather aware.

Here’s the set up -- that big high pressure in the Southeast is a brick wall (pardon my art skills) and so fronts from the west are either going to hang out over the state all week or slowly edge north. But they won’t be coming through to clear us out. In fact, we may have already seen our last front until fall.

Map courtesy National Weather Service

The American and European Models keep showers developing all week and even into next. Here’s the American:


And the rainfall amounts add up with the American model to the 6-9″ mark across the state.


The European is even more concerning with a forecast of as much as 10-11″ in Southeast Texas through the weekend (and it, too, keeps rain going into next week!):


On a side note, a wet pattern like this also indicates a weakness in our atmosphere and tropical storms and hurricanes always go for the weakness. Plenty to keep watching and tracking as we head toward summer. Don’t let yourself get distracted!


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