Time to bundle up!

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If you’re one of those looking for a reason to pull out the sweaters, scarves and jackets, then I have a weather change for you!

As you know from summer, a strong high pressure system can settle in place and control the weather, which is why we had relentless hot, dry days last June and July. Get ready for a similar set up as high pressure settles in over the Northwest and those winds around it shuttle in cold Canadian air all the way to Texas:

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The key here is that we will not just have a blip of cold air and rollercoaster back to the 80s. No, we are in this for a while. The GFS (American) model has us in sweaters until Thanksgiving. Notice our “red and orange” warm temps go to blue and green and stay there!

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Look for these changes to start this Saturday and you can see from our 10-day forecast we stay cool for a while:

Cool, not cold, for a while. From click2houston.com

So enjoy the cool snap. And the early forecast for Thanksgiving is a return to the 70s, so per true Houstonian style we may be feasting on the patio that Thursday afternoon!

Temps in the 70s will be back! Courtesy tropicaltidbits.com

Fall is about to fall. Stay warm and protect your outdoor pets!


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