Beautiful skies, but too dry!

courtesy Mark Wilson

Gorgeous morning skies like the one above continue and, with the exception of a slight warming trend, the forecast keeps us under pleasant conditions at least until the end of next week! Even then, the better rain chance would come closer to mid-month with a big cold front diving down. However, that forecast as you see below is really beyond the scope of reliability. Here’s the American model:


Never mind the 4.5″ to 8.5″ of rain we finally got in August after a brutal summer, the month of September only brought .75″ of rain to Bush/IAH (16% of normal), 1.52″ to Hobby Airport (about a quarter of normal) and 2.80″ to Galveston (half the normal). Bottom line is that we are getting behind on rain and you can see that of the 101 counties in Texas with burn bans, there are a few in our area:

Today's map from Texas A&M

Saying that, the National Weather Service Houston has asked for everyone to be careful with burning. The low humidity and dry underbrush are still ripe for fires getting out of control.

August rain’s did help most of us, but Austin County is still desperate for rain with extreme drought continuing. Colorado County is also under severe drought conditions along with much of the coast:

courtesy National Weather Service

So enjoy the wonderful autumn days but hope for a little rain. Our October normal precipitation is over five and a half inches and, at least right now, it doesn’t look we’ll get anywhere near that.


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