This heat is not horsing around!

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Remember that heat dome from this summer where strong high pressure produces all that sinking air? Sinking air doesn’t allow much in the way of cloud cover, so hot sunshine rules, and when air sinks, it compresses, causing even more heat. It can be a barn burner!

Our Heat dome is back
Our Heat dome is back

Like the illustration above, we are basically putting a cap on the atmosphere. So saddle up, the heat is back. I know, we thought we were ‘pasture’ all this after a few ‘colt’ mornings. Today’s 500 mb map, which is about 18,000 feet up, shows that high right over northeast Texas today, and it pretty much sits there through Friday:


For the weekend, the high begins to center itself over the southeastern U.S. and we ‘stirrup’ a little relief.

In the meantime, look at that hot, dry forecast this week. There’s not a lot of ‘rein’ and, yes, that is 98° for the first day of autumn! I wish I could say ‘neigh’....

10 Day Forecast

At least next week will ‘buck’ this hot trend. Stay safe and ‘mane-ly’ cool!


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