That’s right, summer ends tomorrow!

I took this pic yesterday at Costco!

I have to admit, seeing Christmas decorations for sale before Halloween is one thing, but we aren’t even to Labor Day and the season has changed!? I took that holiday tree photo yesterday at Costco!

But here we are, about to exit “meteorological” summer and head into fall. For record-keeping and climate study, meteorologists neatly categorize the seasons by month:

Meteorological seasons are more neatly ascribed!

September is always a welcome month, as temperatures cool and there is a chance for that first fall front, but we have also soared to 109° back in 2000 -- our all-time high around here! We’ve also plummeted to the mid 40s!

What to expect this next month

Our September full moon shows up weekend after next! Given the drought, corn is not as high and harvests not as plentiful for us this year:

The Full Corn or Harvest moon

While rain for much of the summer proved scarce, so were tropical storms and hurricanes. So far, only three this year!

Not far down the list, yet!

In fact, we’d have to go back to LAST century to find a couple of Augusts with no named storms!

A quiet far!

While 1997 stayed pretty quiet from September through the rest of the season with storms way off in the Atlantic, 1961 roared in with Hurricane Carla in early September. If, for some reason, you don’t know about Carla, check it out here. While that Texas hurricane literally made careers for some, it destroyed a lot of lives.

Speaking of careers, the actual autumnal equinox is special to me as we change seasons from an astronomical view on Sept. 22:

The autumnal equinox

Why so special? Sept. 22, 1982, marks my first day as a professional TV weatherman! That’s right -- 40 years I’ve been honored to “labor” in a business like no other. Cheers to the Labor Day holiday ahead and Merry Christmas!


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