Well that was a record-smashing June...

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As you know, we had ONE day in June where temperatures didn’t reach 90° thanks to the tropical disturbance just offshore -- of course, that is officially at Bush/IAH. If you were west and north, you were plenty hot again yesterday. Here’s the month we just went through:

Every day but one reached 90 or higher!

With 29 days at 90 or higher, four of them reached triple digits. Low temperatures didn’t fall much below 76° every night (if that) and so when you average the highs and lows you find that we all just survived the hottest Houston June on record:

We even beat the miserable 2011 drought year!

You might recall that 2011 was our drought year when August was 100° every day! Our temps also placed higher than the very hot 1998 and 1980, both of which were eased with tropical weather finally coming ashore. Speaking of tropical weather, the coast is benefitting from the heavier rains today while June for most of us came in just as dry as it was hot:

Hardly a smidge of rain

So we get the silver for rainfall. You’ll recall 2005 was the year of 28 storms including Katrina and Rita. Hot weather means hot water and that is the fuel for those storms. If you are wondering when we got that whopping .13″ of rain, here’s the calendar:

Measurable rain only fell on 4 days in June!

Only four of seven ‘rain’ days actually had measurable rain and, obviously, that was pretty pathetic.

It’s a hot, dry summer, so now what?

July forecast

Usually, July is a dry, hot month for us, so it will come as no shock that the long term forecasts for the month are for hot and dry. First, here’s the American Model through July 17, and you’ll see that very little rain (those green areas) shows up:

Little rain shows up after Saturday through July 17th. Courtesy tropicaltidbits.com

From NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, the whole month comes in hotter and drier than average for most of Texas:

courtesy NOAA
courtesy NOAA

On that cheery note, enjoy a bit cooler Friday with the clouds and have a safe and happy Independence Day weekend!


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