Chicken bits of rain

Click2pins' Kelley Cantrell

You’ve heard the rain rumors for this week, but I can tell you now we’re not promising a lot! A weak cold front will be pushing through today and tonight, then meander around the gulf the next few days. Tomorrow, it will be offshore:

courtesy NOAA

Along that front an area of Low Pressure currently south of New Orleans will move toward Texas and that offers the best rain chances. The National Hurricane Center gives this Low a 20% chance to become a Tropical Depression. After all, water temperatures are in the 84-86° range and the system could be over that water long enough to develop:

Tropical development Possible south of our area

Location, location, location! Clearly the best rain chances and heaviest rain will be south of Houston. The American Model forecasts 1-3″ of rain through Friday, while the European gives us about the same. To the south, much needed rain shows up:

American Rainfall Forecast
European Rainfall Forecast

Hallettsville to Bay City and south could use this kind of rain as extreme drought continues there. In fact, we could all use a bit, especially with the July 4th fireworks coming in a week!

There is no forecast for Excessive Rainfall, so no flood threat for us is anticipated. Hopefully, you’ll see a drop or three!


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