It’s going to be hot for Mom this weekend

My mom, Pat. This will be my first Mother's Day without her.

Happy Mother’s Day! That’s my mom, Pat, in the cover photo today! She passed last year shortly after Mother’s Day, but taught me to always remember the good times and I certainly do. However, many of us will remember THIS Mother’s Day for the heat!

Record Setting and record tying heat

That is my forecast while other sources have their own! If you saw my chart on Wednesday’s blog, I talked about the European and American models being way up there and they have since come down a lot, although AccuWeather is still posting triple-digits for Sunday (they are definitely an outlier). Here’s an updated chart:

Low to mid 90s!

And don’t forget that the days will sizzle with plenty of sun and humidity running around 48%. Feels Like temps will make the 103-105° range.

On a serious note, heat exhaustion and stroke are nothing to take lightly. My dad insisted on cutting his own yard and had a heat stroke in the mid 90s! I was horrified.....Dad, don’t you listen to your own son?? Here’s what to look for:

Signs to slow down and cool off!

Stay hydrated, stay cool, wear light clothes and when your body is sweating, it’s telling you something! Did you know that weather fatalities are, by far, more related to heat than anything else? Look at this study from NOAA done in 2018:

Most people would be surprised to see this!

Bottom line is enjoy the weekend safely! As for the next 10 days, it’s hard to find too much rain! I threw in 10% for a week from Monday because, well, my mom was ALWAYS about hope!

Hot and Dry

Have a happy weekend! Lots of hugs to you mothers: biological mothers, adoptive mothers, stepmothers, about-to-be mothers, surrogate mothers, fathers who act as mothers, den mothers, room mothers and all the rest!


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