A look at this weekend and Christmas!

One of the warmest December's on record continues next week!

First things first: a cold front is on the way tomorrow!

Given just how warm and humid we have been all week, don’t underestimate the strength of these two air masses colliding -- there is a risk of severe weather and, with one to four inches of rain falling, any quick downpours could cause street flooding.

Even a LOW flood risk can cause problems for us. Turn Around, Don't Drown!
Watch for street flooding and strong winds. Hail is also possible

The heavy rain is off the coast by early afternoon so look for a breezy, cloudy and cooler Saturday evening. In fact, a cool trend kicks in Sunday and lasts into early next week:

Temperatures cool into the sweater weather territory but don't stay there long!

COLD milk for Santa!

The cool weather doesn’t last as low pressure well to our west kicks in a strong southwest wind. That wind is usually a dry, warm wind for us, and as the week progresses, this looks to be the case for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Temperatures in the Upper 70s to low 80s look standard across the area Christmas Eve and look at the American Model forecast for Christmas high temperatures across toasty Texas:

Across the state we'll see a very warm Christmas!

We will get very close to and may even match our warmest Christmas day on record of 83° from 2015.

This Christmas will rival our 83° from 2015

We can only dream of the white Christmas so many of us had back in 2004!

That white on the map is mostly snow, not clouds!

Here in Houston we had only a slippery dusting of snow (I remember, I almost careened off the Southwest Freeway), while friends of mine in Galveston were building snowmen on the beach. Ah well....enjoy the sweater weather this weekend and watch out for tomorrow!


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