What to know about this August front

I'm expecting some humidity relief

August fronts do happen, but rarely, and one is slated to limp through here next Tuesday/Wednesday. The models both push this through although the American seems to be a bit more optimistic. Here’s the latest from the American model--just follow that green precipitation line going through here and into the Gulf. That’s the front!

Monday to Wednesday notice the green precip line moves through and into the Gulf

The latest Euro pushes the front through also, but returns the winds out of the south pretty quickly.

courtesy weathermodels.com

The bottom line is that we will see a little humidity relief with northeast winds Tuesday and Wednesday with an east wind Thursday and temperatures go down just a bit. The front also brings a trigger for rain. Here’s my 10-day forecast:

10 Day

Remember When?

You might recall August 1992 when we had a true bona fide cold front move through! Take a look at the synoptic from August 16, 1992:

August 1992--a real cold front!

And look at that week of highs and lows! 80s and 60s!!! Even down to 60° even on the 17th! The Republican convention at the Astrodome was happening the same week and our out of town guests just took it for granted that we always had cool weather in August!

August 16-22, 1992

And look what happened just a week later! Hurricane Andrew formed and brought 175mph winds across southern Florida wiping out neighborhoods and livelihoods:

Andrew would strike Florida that Sunday night and move into the Gulf

Andrew went into the Gulf of Mexico turning and striking the coast of central Louisiana. I covered that storm from New Iberia, Louisiana! Seems like yesterday...

Have a great weekend and stay cool. Heat advisories may go into effect but even if they don’t, it’s going to be dangerously hot!


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