Desert hot weekend!

from Click2pins ellsquared on the Colorado River

I felt sure we’d make 100F over the weekend and we came close (Feels Like Temps were 103-105 and will be again today). For Saturday/Sunday Highs BUSH made 98/97, Hobby 97/96, Sugar Land 97/96--those were the hottest. Galveston came in at 90 both days with Wharton a cool 93 and 94. While we were sunny and hot, we were also sandy and hot. Just look at these dusty sunsets:

from Click2Pins cclausen

Texas Santa came through:

from Click2pins TexasSanta

And this from Offat’s Bayou with The Colonel paddle wheeler in the foreground:

courtesy Click2pins Karendixon

It’s easy to see the dust and, in truth, that dust blocks a bit of solar radiation keeping the air below just a bit cooler. So it’s one thing or the other right? To be sure, more dust is on the way this week but so is more heat and the weekend ahead is already looking to be in the upper 90s.

Tropical Storm Nepartak

The tropical storm moving toward Japan has already messed up some Rowing event schedules and will continue to bring rain into that country today and tomorrow. Here’s the latest satellite and track which goes a little north of Tokyo.

courtesy Japanese Meteorological Agency
Track takes the storm north of Tokyo

By the way, Nepartak is a Micronesian name in honor of a famous Kosrae Warrior and pronounced the way it’s spelled. The storm is called a tropical storm just like our storms but if the winds go to 74mph (65kts) then it would be called a typhoon while we call ours a hurricane. Fortunately, the forecast keeps TS Nepartak as a weak tropical storm.


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