82 DAYS: How Many Had Rain?

Rain 70% of the time

If you think we’ve averaged two feet of rain since May 1st, you’d be right in most cases! And if it seems like it’s been raining 70% of the time---well, it has in some spots. The rainiest summer period that I can recall in my 32 years here!

And now people are taking bets and starting arguments! Here’s a viewer email from the other day:

Hi Frank,

We are hoping you can answer a question for us, but only if you have the time. Can you tell me how many days it has rained since the first of May in the Houston Metro area this year? We live in the Splendora, TX area and are having a disagreement on the number of days it has rained. When we asked Google…lol…we did not get an answer.

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I should start an APP called Frankie to compete with Alexa and Siri!

Obviously, we don’t all live in Splendora and so you may be wondering how much rain your neighborhood, or at least the closest official reporting station, has found in the gauges. So I did some digging.

How Many Days has it Rained From May 1 to July 21st?

First of all, I counted Traces of rain in all of this because generally the way the rain has been falling, even if some areas only had traces, nearby communities had some measurable rain. Second, some stations in our counties had missing data and so if you don’t see your airport in this list, that’s why--I didn’t mess with data interpolation due to missing data.

Given that, the “winner” for MOST days of rain is Hobby Airport at 58 out of 82! Seventy percent of the days. The least number of rain days reported came from Galveston at 43 or 53% of the days recorded.

Here’s the full 12 station list for Rainy Days from May 1 - July 21. By the way, ALL of these locations had rain for 40 days and 40 nights (though not necessarily in a row)! We need an Ark!

Days of Rain (Traces count)

How Much Rain?

The next question of course is Quantity! After all, Palacios had the least amount of rain days (47) compared to every other station except Galveston, but the MOST amount of rain. As you recall, Matagorda County to Rockport recorded almost three feet of rain in May! Palacios in May had almost 17″. Here’s the list of HOW MUCH rain fell:

Amounts of rain

On average, 4-5″ per month is expected in these locations, or about a foot of rain would be the average. Everyone is above that with 100-200% above normal in some spots.

And, of course, my charts will need to be updated as more rain is possible today!

Dry weather starts on Friday and then the Heat begins!


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