23 local fire departments prepare for possible street flooding, severe weather

23 local fire station are preparing for the possibility of severe weather, flooding

Houston – Houston Fire Department has everything from inflatable boats to high water rescue vehicles strategically stationed throughout the city, ready to go if needed. Some of the equipment was already put into good use in the Kingwood area after Monday evening storms.

Vehicles were submerged in water, and drivers dealt with impassable roads that put HFD crews into high gear.

“Yesterday we were able to make a few rescues up in the Kingwood area where they had Kingwood Drive that was flooded,” said HFD Captain Beau Moreno.

With the possibility of more flooding over the next few days, Houston first responders remain ready to utilize their arsenal of equipment.

“To date, we have nine high water vehicles, 11 rescue boats, we have 19 flat-bottom boats,” Moreno said.

There are also several large rescue trucks equipped with those inflatable boats that can be fitted with a portable motor, and ready to go within a matter of minutes.

And then, there’s a truck that is usually used for grass fires but can convert.

“It transforms into a high water vehicle. We can actually pull the pump out, pull the tank out, all the water out and flip the seats up and it turns into a high water vehicle,” Moreno said.

Due to the possibility of flooding in various parts of the city, there are currently 23 HFD stations with water rescue capabilities.

Firefighters are asking the public to help lighten their load and not drive through flood water, especially since it’s hard to tell how deep it is. Turn around, don’t drown. If you or anyone you know in the city of Houston needs to be rescued, call 911.

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