Fewer Texas Tornadoes?

A year ago this waterspout impressed a lot of click2pin users! Gary Renola took this shot. Fortunately the waterspout never made landfall.

We’ve had tornado reports Monday in Huntsville and Tuesday in Weldon, so you might think it’s ironic for me to get a report that we’re having fewer tornadoes across the state!

Taken by 'countrygirl' and put on Click2pins Monday. Minor damage in a Walmart parking lot occurred.

Nonetheless, NOAA data has been sourced and QuoteWizard has put together which states have seen an increase or decrease in tornadic activity the past ten years. Texas has seen a 10% decrease from 2010-2020 vs. 2000 to 2009.

Texas Tornado Activity is down

You’ll notice the numbers might be interesting, but the dollar amounts still count and tornadoes since 2010 have run up more than $1.6Billion in damage costs across our state alone.

Interestingly, the company found a shift in tornadic activity away from the “tried and true” Tornado Alley to the southern part of the United States. A full look at the list:

Tornado Frequency by State
Tornado Frequency by State

Some other key findings in the study:

  • The overall number of tornadoes increased 11.7% from 2010 - 2019.
  • Wyoming, Kentucky and Pennsylvania had the largest increases in tornadic activity.
  • South Dakota, Florida and South Carolina has the largest decrease in tornadic activity
  • Nationwide, tornadoes have caused more than $14.1 billion in damages.

The complete report on all of this is right here and includes other interesting facts about natural disasters.

Of course, as the folks in Onalaska will tell you from last year’s tornado, it only takes one to change your life.

Onalaska Tornado Damage 4/24/20

So far this spring, we’ve been fortunate with our severe weather being fairly minimal. Keep an eye to the sky--we’re not done with the storm season yet.


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