Summer temps this week

The sun shines at Memorial Park in Houston in this image taken in 2020.
The sun shines at Memorial Park in Houston in this image taken in 2020. (KPRC/File)

So far this year, we’ve only topped out at 86 degrees (March 26th). While we average 78 degrees for highs this time of year, a furnace blast to the state looks to arrive at the end of the week.

We’re talking record territory as Thursday’s record high is 91 degrees (1907) and Friday’s is 92 degrees (1986). We may not quite get there officially, but plenty of you will get very close.

Here’s the setup: A front will move into the state Wednesday producing some threat of severe weather in our northern counties. That front doesn’t make it through and a low-pressure system sets up along it Thursday in the central part of the state, which means west winds for us. I’ve drawn a red arrow below:

Thursday's Low and West Wind

So just how hot?

Upper 80s seems like a shoo-in and if you look to San Antonio and the Valley, mid-90s will be common.

Here is Thursday’s forecast from the American Model:

Houston Highs on Thursday

Friday doesn’t look much cooler:

Houston Highs on Friday

If these numbers verify, they’ll be the hottest we’ve had all year. Upper 80s is more like what we experience in late May with 90 to 91 degrees more typical for the first week of June.

Summer’s coming!

Stay cool.


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