Warm up the hot cocoa! What to know about our COLD Christmas forecast

Angleton 2004 courtesy Donna Bohannon

There’s no business in snow business this Christmas like we experienced in 2004 (Thanks to Donna Bohannon for some great Angleton snow shots!), but our coldest Christmas Day in years is in our forecast! For those of you who like hot-cocoa-footy-pajama Christmas mornings and afternoons, then this is your year! Get out the marshmallows! Models have warmed up a bit for Christmas afternoon, but a chill in the air still looks promising!

I took a look back at our Christmas highs since that fateful 2004 snow day. Here’s what I found:

Christmas has been warm this decade!

Our last two years have been warm while 2015 came in at 83 degrees! You have to go back to 2009 to 2011 to find highs only in the 40s. I was hoping for that but it looks like we’re looking more for a cold start and milder afternoon, a lot like three years ago.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning in the 30s

So, depending on where exactly we land in the 50s, this could be the coldest Christmas afternoon in a while!

Chilly all holiday

Here’s a look at our 10-day forecast and you can see that Christmas Eve through Saturday promises beautiful ugly sweater temps:

10 Day Forecast

We’re also dry the whole way through. Merry Christmas and have a blessed last evening of Hanukkah tonight!


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