Today is Arbor Day! (in Texas)

White Oak Bayou sunrise features a beautiful tree thanks to Click2Pins fan, Ron!

Sure enough, Texas spins its own way of doing things and while Arbor Day is, in most states, the last Friday in April, Texas, since 2013, has named the first Friday in November as our Arbor Day!

Here’s a nice explanation from the Dallas Morning News, but, generally, planting trees in Texas in the fall brings a nice payoff in the summer.

Trees from the Lamensky Farm and Ranch in Ft Bend County

You can thank Texas A&M for initiating the Arbor Day date change. In a press release, they state, “This Arbor Day, in a year like no other, we encourage all Texas communities to celebrate trees and to grow some new Texas traditions. The theme highlights the connection between trees, forests and people, and ties them into our deep Texas heritage. Traditions are about maintaining information, behaviors and customs handed down through generations.”

Plant a tree, take a walk, talk about trees -- there’s plenty to learn at their website right here.

The POWER of trees

While trees are beautiful and provide so much, from paper and wood to fruits and shade, they also play an integral part in our environment. Take a look at this graphic from Climate Central.

The Power of Trees

For the United States, this translates to huge gains:

How Trees Help the U.S.

And for Houston alone, look at what trees do for our area:

What Trees do for Houston

The U.S. Forest Service has a wonderful website where you and your family can explore so much more about the importance of trees. So don’t take those trees for granted. This will be a wonderful weekend to enjoy them! Happy Arbor Day!


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