Spooktacular Halloween weekend

Our son, Morgan, on his first Halloween, 1988!
Our son, Morgan, on his first Halloween, 1988!

Morgan’s mummy took this cover pic decades ago and it reminds me that Halloween really unearths the kid in us and this year. We need a little reminder that there ARE good old days and they will levitate again! Fortunately for us, any rain is ghosting us this year and it will be hard to decide witch day is best this weekend! Tonight’s football weather carves out perfectly ghoul 60s while tomorrow needs a little forecasting skull:


So we’ll be goblin up the sunshine, but that’s not always the case! You might recall 2015 when more than 5 inches of rain fell during a morning tornado outbreak! And we can get howling hot or we’re coffin up cold on Halloween. Here’s a look at Houston’s climate data:

Houston's Past Halloweens

Werewolves will LOVE that moon

Our Full Hunter’s moon tomorrow rises right around 7 p.m. and is the second full one of the month, known as a Blue Moon. Pearland is already in the spirit as this was found hanging last night:

Almost Full! Courtesy Marcus Hernandez

And don’t make the grave mistake of forgetting to turn those clocks back one hour Sunday morning!

courtesy Oregonlive.com

Have an enchanting, restful weekend!

Bat’s all folks! Fangs for reading!


No, don’t email me about this one, lol!

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