Tropical Storm Isaias moves into Canada

Earliest 'I' storm in history makes landfall in North Carolina, now winding down in Canada


HOUSTON – Hurricane Isaias (ees-ah-EE-ahs) made landfall Monday night at 11:10 p.m. EDT near Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina with winds sustained at 85 mph. Today the storm dropped to tropical storm strength and raced up the Mid-Atlantic states into New England producing as much as 10″ of rain (doppler estimated) in Maryland, flooding in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York and tornadoes in Massachusetts. The storm is now moving into Canada and losing tropical characteristics.

Isaias Current Advisory
Isaias Track

The storm will continue into Canada as just a Low Pressure system producing 1-3″ of rain and gusty winds.

Isaias is not our storm but hurricane season doesn’t end until November 30th! Take this time to ensure hurricane plans are set and ready to go. For more information on making a hurricane plan and to track all the systems the KPRC2 Severe Weather Team are tracking visiting the KPRC2 Hurricane Headquarters

We will continue to monitor this storm over the next few days and some changes are possible as it makes its way up the east coast so make sure you check-in at the KPRC 2 Hurricane Headquarters for the latest information

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