Allergy alert: Here are 3 things to know about spring allergy season in Houston


HOUSTON – People with seasonal allergies have been reaching for the tissue a lot more lately as pollen season begins in the Houston area. Here are three things you should know about the region’s spring allergy season.

1. Know the Pollen Count

Know when the pollen count is high.

The Houston Health Department takes pollen and mold counts Monday through Friday and offers a pollen forecast each weekend. This information is given on-air daily by the KPRC 2 Severe Weather Team. This information is also available at

Spring allergy season is known for heavy tree pollen and grass pollen. Here is the pollen count report that was taken Monday.

Pollen Count

With tree pollen being the highest offered it is helpful to know what trees are the current offenders. Here is Monday’s top-four list.

Tree Pollen

2. Know what symptoms are common for allergy sufferers

When someone is getting sick, there is typically a slow ramp-up in symptoms. When it comes to allergies symptoms tend to hit quickly. Another sign that you are dealing with allergies rather than sickness is symptoms that include itchy eyes, red eyes, clear nasal discharge and a scratchy feeling in your ears or throat. The best indicator is a fever. Fevers are only present when you are battling a virus or an infection.

3. Be smart when it comes to pollen

Limit outdoor exposure. Keep the windows closed. Do not hang laundry outside to dry.

If you’re an allergy sufferer who is exposed to pollen, it is best to shower as soon as possible and change your clothes. It is important to remove pollen from your body as soon as possible. It is also best to get into a cool air-conditioned space and take any medication that has been suggested or prescribed by your physician.

The best way to bust pollen? Let it RAIN! Rain chances are limited this week, but relief is on the way Friday into the weekend with a cold front on the way.

10 Day Forecast