Where's that front?


With a HEAT ADVISORY issued for this Monday afternoon, we can only hope for less humid air by the end of the week.

We've been advertising a possible cold front for Thursday which right now is here:


You can see that blue line running through the Dakotas and back to Colorado. Well, it looks like a case of close but no cigar. Below is the way it looks Thursday and the front is just almost in the area but doesn't make it:


In fact, Friday morning's low look like this:


That 64 is closer to Louisiana than Houston, and so we might have less humid air coming in from the east and northeast, but our morning low will be in the mid-70s, NOT the mid-60s.

We need that jet stream to dig a little farther south and you can see the forecast for Thursday keeps it way up north:


Don't despair...we often miss the first one, especially this time of year, but there is already hope in the American model for a cold front Sept 8/9! Of course, this far out it's a long shot but look at the forecast for lows the morning of September 10th:


We can only hope. Eventually, it will be our turn.

In the meantime, HEAT continues today and even hotter tomorrow and Wednesday! Here's our forecast.

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