Frank's Weather or Not: A Record Low...A Tropical Low


Houston, TX – First things first....Pumpkin Spice Latte weather?! Not only did it feel pretty good this morning we dropped officially to 68° which TIES our record for this date in 1972! And we have two more very "grande" mornings coming!

In fact, tomorrow morning's record low is 65° from 1894...getting there will be close overnight but certainly possible! Sip it up!



Now, the same front that brought this morning's coffee weather is hanging out in the Gulf producing two different wind flows and there is a slight 10% chance of a tropical spin up:



Here's a close up:


That Yellow X marks the area the National Hurricane Center is watching and while most models don't do much with this, or move it toward Florida, the North American Model (NAM) shows a Low closer to Texas:



You can see a L or LOW off the coast of Brownsville. The NAM is not the most reliable model for the tropics, but if it's right this would enhance rain chances this weekend.  The latest FV3-GFS came in this morning showing two LOWs ---one in a similar spot:



So something to watch but, honestly, a long shot as the upper level winds are stron and the air is very dry over the area! We'll keep you up to date on this and, in the meantime, enjoy the July Sweater Weather---which is better than Sweaty Weather!



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