Frank's Weather or Not: Adios, El Nino!?!


Houston, TX – El Nino no mo'?!

This is important--the EL Nino, or abnormally warm Pacific, creates rising air which in turn brings strong wind across Central America which inhibits tropical storm growth. So an El Nino in place is our El Amigo and helps suppress the hurricane season. And it looks like it's going away. Take a look at all the BLUE, or cooler than normal, water in the Pacific:


From Tropical Tidbits


I've drawn arrows pointing to the cooler water...and there is a lot of it

This year's El Nino has not been all that strong to begin with, only weak to moderate, and the models suggest it's getting even weaker as we head into peak hurricane season August-October. Just follow the red line and notice it goes DOWN:


0 is the baseline of NO El Nino and we are heading there

So that's the bad news. The good news is we are quiet in the tropics the next five days, at least in the Atlantic:


No tropical flare ups

And look at all the dusty, dry conditions noted in the bright colors:


Saharan Dust in the pink coming off Africa

The Pacific remains on fire, but honestly the rest of July should be tropically quiet for us. We might even get a front in here next week and that will be something to REALLY blog home about!

June is coming in as the hottest ever in the world--more on that Friday.



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