Frank's Weather or Not: Houston's Weather Outlook this Week

Houston, TX – Dallas got swallowed whole by a rain bomb two years ago and yesterday they had strong winds again. I thought this was from yesterday but reader Mark Kariel pointed out my mistake! The pic above has been 'dolled up' but the original of Toddy Jack's is right here and just as impressive:

Toddy sent both pics into the Washington Post two years ago and they have a  terrific explainer on downburst winds. I've always characterized them like shooting a hose at the driveway and seeing the water go off in all directions--those winds do the same thing, often at 100mph! The recorded winds in the Dallas area yesterday afternoon:

So that is the 'cold front' that went through North Texas first and made its way here early this morning with little fanfare except that it felt GREAT outside! The good news is that High Pressure is building in the next 24 hours and will ensure a very nice week ahead: relatively cool mornings with hot, dry afternoons.


Our forecast is here.

The exception may be a sea breeze shower or two at the coast, but that's only a 10% chance. I don't see anything crazy that would change the forecast, so enjoy a pleasant June week while you can! You know it's going to change.  More good news from the National Hurricane Center:

The longer we can keep the tropics quiet, the better!! 

BTW, I'll be at the American Meteorological Society Broadcast Weather Conference this week out in San Diego. So I'm thrilled to leave you all with some similar weather (well, not really, but as California as we get in June!!).



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