Frank's Weather or Not: Wild Nights, Wildlife, Wild Weather


Shout out to Lawndale Art Center and their fabulous "Kitschy" evening last Friday night. The weather was, um, painting perfect and we brushed up a cool 25K from auctions and fun giveaway games! I helped auction off a dinner for 12 at B&B Butchers so a big thanks to Ben Berg for that donation which went for $8,000!



From a wild night to wildlife...the Wildlife Center of Texas says don't be alarmed to see raccoons or possums out in the daytime. We always hear that if they are out during the day then they are rabid, but the experts tell me that is not necessarily true. After all, it's spring and momma raccoons gotta feed those new babies, which means hunting and gathering for food goes on ALL hours of the day!


If you do come across a newborn out there in the wild, call The Wildlife Center of Texas here in Houston and they'll tell you what to do. We've taken several baby birds there for rehab.


I'm delighted to share Pew Research with you indicating that most folks still want to watch Television for their local news! Internet and digital are taking over so much of our world, it's nice to hear that plenty of viewers still enjoy finding out about their community the old fashioned way!


And you all still like your weather!


The full article on this is right here.


Finally, from wildlife to wild weather, is Tornado Alley shifting to become Dixie Alley? It would appear there's a pretty good argument for that as put forth in Nature magazine. The article is a long one, but basically the frequency of tornadoes is increasing in the red areas below and decreasing in the blue areas.


Good news for Texas, but climate has a way of shifting back at ya when you least expect it. Enjoy this spring week while it lasts and keep an eye to the sky. This IS severe weather season despite the fact that we haven't seen much here in SE Texas so far! 



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