Another day with dangerously hot temperatures


HOUSTON – A Heat Advisory is in place again today and will likely be in called for Sunday and possibly Monday. 101 is the expected high at Bush/IAH.

Areas to the north of that location will be hotter, while closer to the coast the highs will be in the low 90s. The heat index, or the "feels like" temperatures will be between 105-110 which is what has triggered a heat advisory for the second day. Excessive heat is in place farther to the north between Huntsville and North Texas where the actual high temperatures may climb to 105 degrees.

Expect the highs to be even hotter Sunday into Monday.

The rules of thumb for the next few days: Drink plenty of water, limit outdoor activity and stay inside when possible. Wear lightweight and light colored clothing.

Check on the elderly and NEVER leave any living thing in the back seat of your car!

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