Weather forecast leading into Christmas hints at travel trouble for parts of Texas.

Wintry travel in parts of the state could make driving hazardous


HOUSTON – A strong cold front is set to push through Texas on Friday. Behind the front, the state could see a mix of rain, sleet, snow and ice that might make travel tough the weekend before Christmas.

Forecast models are still inconsistent on precise placement, timing and extent of any wintry weather, but with Christmas a little over a week away, it's becoming more apparent that sloppy weather will cover portions of the state as many Texans hit the road -- and the skies -- in the days leading up to Christmas.

Based on current forecast data, southeast Texas is most likely in for periodic chilly rain.  Wintry weather is more likely in West Texas, the Panhandle, Hill Country and North Texas.

Any wintry weather could take the form of snow, sleet, ice, or a wintry mix of rain/snow/sleet.  

The outlook will change regularly over the next few days, as new data is collected and long-range computer models churn out new forecasts.

For the time being, just be prepared for the possibility that your Texas travel plans could be shaken up if you plan a road trip between December 22 and December 25.

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